Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Coil

Vanessa Redgrave in after shave

Marie Curie in Jubilee

Guy Fawkes and Chesney Hawkes

Isabella Rossellini as a zucchini

Luisa Casati in basmati

Vera Lynn as Ho Chi Minh

Harper Lee as twee

Germaine Greer as a Khmer

Doris Day in Coldplay

Isabella Blow as best in show

Vivienne Westwood as Robin Hood

Elton John at the Sorbonne

Pattie Boyd as Sigmund Freud

Karl Lagerfeld as a Celt

k. d. lang in the Sugarhill Gang

André Gide as Karate Kid

Twiggy as Miss Piggy

Francis of Assisi in Thin Lizzy

Gisela May as a Samurai

Rosa Parks in Sparks

Adam Ant wearing Gant

Peggy Guggenheim in slime

Lulu as a Zulu

La Roux at the zoo

Lil' Bow Wow as a chow chow

Charles Manson in Hanson

Indira Gandhi as a dandy

Trevor Horn in Children of the Corn

Luke Haines in Alice in Chains

Bryan Ferry as Leisure Suit Larry